Roberta Benor Offers Lectures



1) “Lessons For Baby Boomers and Those Who Love Them”

Are you a Baby Boomer? Do you know one? Here are entertaining and educational PowerPoint lectures aimed at defining Baby Boomers as a group and inspiring them as they continue to blossom. Looking backward and forward at the same time, this interactive cultural history appealing to all ages offers practical advice about understanding the generational differences, enjoying a fulfilling retirement, choosing housing options, and preserving family history. It includes cartoons, humor, and references to pop music icons, fondly remembered TV shows, and nostalgic ads.

  1. Identifying the Generations: Who Are You?
  2. Embracing Your Future: What Will You Do?
  3. Living in Your Best Place: Where Will You Call Home?
  4. Preserving Your Legacy: Why Were You Here?
  5. Speaking Your Mind About the Generations: Interactive Rap Session

2) “Genealogy and Family History”

  1. The Five W’s of Genealogy: Preserving Your Family History
  2. How to Record Your Family History: Am I My Brother’s Family History Keeper?
  3. My Family’s Village: An Interactive Family History Session
  4. Motivate Relatives to Transmit Family History: But I Still Have More Living to Do
  5. Inspiring Grandparents to Record their Family History: Tell the Grandchildren Your Story
  6. How to Plan Family Reunions

Also, a four-part Memoir Writing Workshop is available

3) “The Keys to Senior Housing”

  1. Making the Decision to Move to Senior Housing
  2. Doing the Homework about Senior Housing Options
  3. Planning the Move to Senior Housing
  4. Acclimating to Senior Housing
  5. Help your Aging Parent Live Safely
  6. The Keys to Senior Housing

4) “How to Succeed In Parenting”

Based on the book by Roberta Schultz Benor, this lecture covers the creative games she devised to help you with these topics: Adjustments, Early Socialization and Routines, Toilet Training, Nursery School, Discipline, Self-Esteem, Creativity, Children’s Rights and Responsibilities, Sibling Rivalry, Parents’ and Grandparents’ Roles and Lemon-aid (turning problems into successes)