Let Us Remember: A Complete Family History Service

Have you ever said:

“You have to write down that story.”

“I wish we had a recording of Grandma’s voice.”

“If only we knew more about Dad’s family.”

“I need to think of a special gift for Mom and Dad’s big anniversary.”

“How can I organize all these mementos?”


With Let Us Remember, you can commission anything from a recorded interview, skillfully done with an emphasis on eliciting the full wealth of personal experiences, to a professionally prepared autobiography as told to the interviewer.

Let Us Remember provides keepsakes for you, your children, your grandchildren, and other generations to come.

Services offered:

Recorded Interviews

  • $50 an hour for my time with the client
  • Since we don’t know how long the life story will take, you can hire me for two hours, for example. At the end of that session, I can tell you what we have accomplished, and then you can decide how much more you would like to spend.


  • $150 per one-hour recording
  • Presented in a written question and answer format

Organization of Private Papers

  • $50 an hour

Autobiographies as Told to Roberta Benor

  • $50 an hour for each hour of writing and editing

List of 120 Questions for You to Conduct the Interviews

  • $150

Record your Life Story on a Family History Cruise


  • To be arranged


Dear Roberta:

Your oral history of my father played a major role in the days before his funeral.

In the Rabbi’s eulogy, he focused on it as an interpretation of the “Book of Life” theme that is the focal point of the High Holiday season. He held up both volumes for all to see and said “these are real books of life,” and he described what they contained and how they were created.

Thank you so much for providing our family with these amazing histories. They were a major source of comfort for all of us during his last few days.


Thank you,